The Concept

Owning a Sweet Factory franchise can provide you with an exciting and rewarding business opportunity with simplified operations and will back you up with a dedicated franchise support staff. 


The Bulk Candy Store

Sweet Factory has created a bright, colorful, and fun environment. We have a design appealing to customers of all ages, blended with a polished modern aesthetic.

As the premier candy store brand in the nation, Sweet Factory has offered the unique candy store experience for millions of customers for over 20 years. From unique candies from all over the world to nostalgic collectibles, we offer a wide variety at a one-price format - truly delivering the "kid in a candy store" experience.


Why Sweet Factory?

It's not just the bright, colorful, fun-to-shop stores. We operate successful corporate locations which provides us with daily insight into the operations of the business and allows us to offer strategic opportunities for our franchisees' success. We have the best selection of the most in-demand candies, including bulk, counter goods, candy-related gifts, sugar-free, and kosher products. We can source the most in-demand and unique products because of our volume and supplier relationships. Our one-price format, new modern store design, colorful self-serve bins, and well-conceived merchandising make our products hard to resist.

We are THE "Candy Authority," executing a winning formula for retail success that sets the standard for bulk candy retailers.


Opening Support

Our goal is to equip you with all the tools you need to open and run a successful operation. Our team of experts in Real Estate, Merchandising, Design, Construction, and Operations are always ready to help you. Site visits are conducted periodically to make sure your store is delivering the premium candy buying experience. Prior to opening, hands on training is conducted in store, and you will have a Franchise Trainer with you during your store opening. 

Ongoing Support

As a Sweet Factory franchise owner, you will receive the benefits of operational support and consultation from our Corporate Support Center staff.  Additionally, there are creative marketing programs to enhance your store's performance. Our ongoing support, service, and quantity discount programs will enhance your opportunity for success. Site visits are conducted periodically to ensure your store is delivering a premium candy buying experience and to coach and mentor you on optimizing the success of the store.


Ease of Operations

Our bulk candy store format is well-suited for owners of all experience levels.  Starting on opening day, our training programs and ongoing support ensure that your location runs smoothly. Product is shipped directly to stores from vendors at company negotiated prices. 

Minimal Labor Cost

Once you open, your location typically requires two employees to operate on a day to day basis. Depending on our owner's level of involvement in daily operations, our format can be flexible to suit minimal labor costs throughout the year.


Low Franchise Royalties

Our low royalty fee allows the franchisee to keep more of their hard earned money without sacrificing the support necessary for continued success. Currently franchise royalties are 5%. In addition, we are not currently collecting an advertising fee, allowing you to utilize your marketing funds directly for your store.



Confectionery market*

Be part of the 25.2B dollar confectionery industry. With consumer engagement on the rise, confectionary sales continue to gain steady momentum year over year.

*NCA 2017 Sweet Insights Report



Most people enjoy chocolate and candy 2-3 times per week.

*USDA, NHANES 2008-2014, 210 Analytics shopper research; NCA 2017 Sweet Insights Report




Sweet Factory corporately operates stores  and many of our locations are Franchisee owned.




92% of Americans agree that candy is always a treat.

*USDA, NHANES 2008-2014, 210 Analytics shopper research; NCA 2017 Sweet Insights Report




Sweet Factory continues to be the nation's premier retail candy store since 1993. 




90% of American shoppers give gifts of candy and chocolates to loved ones each year.

*210 Analytics shopper research; The Hartman Group; Mars Wrigley Confectionery Research; NCA 2017 Sweet Insights Report